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When another photographer reaches out to you to have you photograph their family it is equal parts flattering and nerve wracking. I find this even truer when they want you to photograph their newborn baby. It’s almost like you’re being “shopped” by the corporate office, or your a restaurant and a food critic just sat down to one of your tables. But, as soon as I met Hannah Brown of Roots & Leaves Photography I was instantly put at ease.

We had a great time during her newborn session. We talked “shop” and about life. She’s lived all over including places like South Africa, Hawaii, and now England. Her husband is currently deployed so she came back to stay with family that lives here in North Carolina to get a little help with her new baby and toddler. She comes from a big family just like me and also fell in love with photography very early on in life.

I had forgotten while I was with her to ask how she got the name for her photography business, Roots and Leaves Photography, so I looked it up on her website. It’s so very sweet and seems so very much the Hannah I had the pleasure of meeting:

“I have always been intrigued by treesĀ and the numerous illustrations that can be drawn from them. The one that resonates with me the most is the idea that where we are “planted” has a direct correlation to the quality and type of things we produce. In other words “our roots effect our fruits”. Where we choose to draw our nourishment fromĀ or who we place ourselves around is going to effect us in one way or another. “

When Hannah sent me this sweet email after receiving her images I was so very happy. It’s short and simple, but filled my heart with joy. It’s what I strive for with every single one of my sessions.

“Thank you so much. I received my beautifully displayed USB this week and I just love our images! I am so glad you were the one to capture this part of our story! ” – Hannah

Here of some of the images from her newborn photography session near Charlotte:

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