Photography Summer Camp for Teens | Asheville NC

2018 Photography Summer Camp for Teens

In the last few months I have been asked quite a bit if I teach photography to teens. In fact my own 16 year old actually expressed an interest in me teaching him photography….me….his own mom! (Needless to say I was THRILLED!!!)

I love teaching. Little known fact: when I first went to college I had thought I wanted to be a teacher. In the end I just couldn’t let go of my infatuation with photography, but I do love teaching. In the past I’ve offered small group and private lessons for moms wanting to learn how to take better pictures of their kids (I still do this btw, email me for details if your interested). I don’t know why I never thought before to offer photography lessons to teenagers.

Well I am remedying that. This summer I am going to be hosting a Teen Photography Camp in my Asheville studio where teens can learn all the basics about photography along with plenty of actual shooting and image review. The details are below.

Hope to see your child this summer!

Asheville Photography Camp for Teens, Photography lessons for teens


Digital Photography – Basics: Learn the skills behind how to take and create digital photographs to share your personal story. Youth will learn the fundamentals of in-camera shooting and composition in order to make beautiful photographs that share what matters most to them.

Dates: Monday, July 9th – Friday July 13th , 9:30am – 12:30pm

Required Equipment: Camera in which the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO has the option to be manually controlled.

Our camps are open to youth 10 – 17 years old and all experience levels. Camps are $300. Click here to register! 10 youth maximum per camp