After your session

Family Photography Digital Files

This guide is provided before your session, so you will have ample time to review all of the artwork options. You are strongly encouraged to already be thinking of decisions such as where in your home you wish to display framed portraits, what sizes you think you will want, and the frame color you think best suits your personal decor. It is also helpful to be thinking ahead of time about family gifts, the number of desired birth announcements, or album cover preferences.  

Each print and product offered is of the most exquisite, professional quality. Frames arrive ready to hang, albums are crafted by hand to last for generations, and prints are matted with fine art materials fit for a museum. 

Trust us in this. Let us take care of everything.

After your session I begin the process of putting the final touches on your images. This usually takes about 14 days to complete. 

Once complete I will email you access information to your private online gallery within The Print Shop.

If you are a Nostalgia Collective member your physical proofs will arrive in the mail.

The Print Shop will be how you will access and download your high resolution digital files as well as order additional keepsakes from your session. Your online gallery will be available for 30 days from the date of your session. You must download all of your images and place any additional orders by that date.

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