Your Session Outfits

When choosing your Portrait Session wardrobe, it is best to stay within a neutral, organic color palette. My favorite colors to photograph are cream, gray, blush, sand, lavender, and navy. 

Try to stay away from brighter colors in the red & orange range as they do not photograph well. Darker colors are encouraged only if they are muted in their brightness, such as a dark emerald, or merlot. Choose solid colors that layer together, with details in the texture such as knits, linen, and lace. If you choose white or black, be sure there is texture to the fabric, as that helps preserve the detail in the photographs. 

Any chosen prints or patterns should be minimal and soft. There should be no logos or writing on your clothing, as they become distracting in the photographs.  

Above all, keep in mind that simplicity is always more. 

For more specific ideas about sessions outfits for everyone in the family please visit our Pinterest Styling Board.

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