Top Session Tips

1. Remember that slow is ok. During our session, I often step back and wait, evaluating the light and waiting for the perfect moment to press the shutter. During this time, I urge you to not feel as though you are under pressure to do something, or pose a certain way. Simply take a deep breath and enjoy the one(s) you are with. Those are the authentic moments I am looking for, and it doesn’t happen in a rush. 

2. Be yourself. I will guide you and suggest different posing when needed. If something doesn’t feel right or you become uncomfortable, please feel as though you can say something. If you are feeling discomfort, it will definitely show in your images. 

3. Look for the moments to connect. I strive to create a session atmosphere that is very relaxing. If your husband or child is involved in the session, I want you to authentically spend time with them, while making an effort to be extra close. Hold hands, kiss foreheads, nuzzle together, and wrap your arms around each other. Look for those opportunities to be intentionally affectionate with one another. 

4. If a child is present at the session, please do not encourage them to “Say Cheese”, or anything similar. Remember, we are wanting to create authentic moments of happiness, and I am more interested in photographing your connection and real emotion, than I am getting them to look at the camera. 

5. If a child will be included in your session, please consider bringing along an extra family member or friend to help. When the child isn’t being photographed, you want to be able to focus on the camera.

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