Newborn Clothing

The most important idea to consider when planning the outfits for your newborn session, is that less is more, and simplicity is everything. 

Simple, neutral colored onesies and rompers often suffice. Textured knit or linen blankets are highly recommended.  Solid white diapers can be purchased online prior to your session.

For mothers I recommend wearing what is most comfortable, often a maxi dress that fit during pregnancy works well as your body is in a season of healing. Knit shawls or sweater cardigans that wrap around your shoulders work really well to add texture, and also flatter your upper arm area if desired. For fathers I recommend a solid, neutral colored button up or sweater, with jeans or dress pants. 

Newborns are often held by the mother or father during these sessions. Be mindful of outfits that bunch up easily. Head pieces for baby girls are ok only if they are not too large or distracting. My goal is to provide you with timeless portraits that can be adored for generations.

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