Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a professional hair & makeup artist for my session?

This by no means necessary. However, many clients do decide to hire a professional hair and makeup artist prior to their session. The artists I recommend are trained to make you look flawless for the camera.

Whether you are desiring a look that is completely natural, or a bit fancier than your usual, these artists know what they are doing. Many of our clients wear minimal makeup in their day to day, and were incredibly pleased with their decision to trust a professional for their session day.

It will give you an extra boost of confidence for being in front of the camera, and provide a well deserved feeling of luxury as part of your custom photography experience. 

I work most frequently with & recommend:

LuLu Beauty Lounge 704.458.3988

Other recommendations:

Cali Stott Hair & Makeup Artistry 801.882.5429 

Blo Charlotte (hair only) 704.375.7110

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