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Hooker Falls – DuPont State Forest

If you want to see waterfalls and you’re in the Asheville area an easy way to do that is DuPont State Forest. It’s in between Hendersonville and Brevard and is home to 10,400 acres of forest with four major waterfalls on the Little River and several on the Grassy Creek. Hooker Falls (above) is just one of major four. My family and I love to go hiking around there. It’s an easy drive and the waterfalls never disappoint.

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Triple Falls
Triple Falls
dupont park jody dixon 2016-3
Ice patterns on frozen puddle
Triple Falls - DuPont State Forest
Triple Falls – DuPont State Forest

It was pretty cold outside so we made sure to bundle up well before ventured out to see how the freezing temps had effected the falls. We saw some beautiful ice formations on puddles and rocks, but the really impressive site was when we hiked to the base of High Falls. The mist blowing off of the waterfall was landing on the nearby plants and freezing to form this winter layer of ice on everything it touched. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the fog/steam from the water rising up to meet the rays of sun through the trees was simply breathtaking. I honestly felt like I was in some magical land. It was so beautiful.

The base of High Falls coated in a sheet of ice.
dupont park jody dixon 2016-2
Close up of the plants at the base of High Falls covered in ice.


Dupont_2016_01-3I’m always so glad we get out for these hikes. Sometimes it can be difficult to rally and motivate us all to get going, but we are always glad once we’re out. This hike was no exception.

For more information on DuPont State Forest visit their website (

The picture below is a “just because I like it” share. My man and one of our pups (Darwin) in front of Hooker Falls. dupont park jody dixon 2016-1Know some one who loves waterfalls? Be sure to share this post!

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