Improved Signature Album

My love of albums runs deep. One of my favorite things to do, when I still lived in my parent’s home, was to pull out the old family album, post up on the floor, and slowly soak in the details of each and every picture. My family photo albums have been and always will be my most precious possession.

It’s no wonder then that I am so very passionate about the albums I choose to offer my clients. I want these albums to be some of your most precious of possessions. I want you to have the most beautiful family photo album that is possibly available. I want not only for the images in it to be strikingly beautiful, but I want the presentation of those images to be substantial as well. I want it to be sturdy, long lasting, and above all – a work of art to behold. I believe your family’s photo album, most especially a newborn album, should not only rival your wedding album, but surpass at. After all – these images tell the story of when you welcomed a whole new person into your life and became a mother or a father. They are windows into who these children are and how much they were loved.

Family is a love like nothing else in this world and it should be celebrated and seen. Photo albums do just that. They allow a child to see how much they were loved from the very first days.

I recently decided to switch to a new master bookbinder for the manufacturing of my Signature Story Album – and I am so glad I did. The old version of the albums were very lovely. But, these new family photo albums are STUNNING! The pages are thicker than ever. The construction is truly done by a master artist.

The options for these albums include new linen cover fabrics that are beautiful. You can now opt for silk or velvet too! These albums have the ability to add spine embossing. Finish yours off with the new velum introduction page featuring your new baby’s birth stats or a favorite quote and your album will be unique, beautiful, and something your family will truly treasure for generations to come.

Previous style album on the top. All new Signature Album on the bottom. Same number of pages.
luxury custom family photo album
Now available in both 8 x 8, 10 x 10 (traditional size) and 12 x 12
custom family photo albums
Add a custom velum intro page with birth stats or any text you’d like
Silk fabrics now available
(Ocean Blue, Ice Blue, Lotus Blossom, Pink, Champagne)
Velvet Fabrics now available
(Sky Blue, Silver Grey, Aqua, Blush)
New spine embossing available

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