Gallery Arrangements | An Artistic Approach to Arranging 

One of the best ways to bring life and personality into your home is to turn one of your walls into a gallery wall. A gallery wall does so much for a space: creates a great focal point within a room that really ties a space together, is a fun way to show off your personal decorating style, and is a perfect way to display family portraits in a creative manner. I can hear you saying, “That’s all fine and good Jody, but how do I make that happen in my own home?” One of the greatest inventions in home decorating in the recent years is…(drum roll, please) Pinterest!

Pinterest gives you millions of great decorating tips, tutorials and styling ideas right at your fingertips all for free. All you have to know is what you are searching for, and then you can access instant inspiration for all of your design dreams! I’ve put together a specific Pinterest board for gallery wall inspiration, a few of which I have included here, that I love that has a great collection of ideas to get you started.

Sometimes it’s great to generate a completely new look. Other times, you might find yourself using an existing look as a springboard into something that you love even more or that works better for your personal space!

As always – personalized gallery and portrait wall design comes standard with all of our portrait sessions so don’t worry if you feel lost. We’ll even take care of the installation as well!


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