Doe eyes and long lashes


People always ask me what is my favorite age to photograph – and I honestly cannot pick. Every age seems to have it’s own unique thing about it that I love. That being said, the six month old pictures, or as we schedule it –  the sitting session – would definitely rank high if I was forced to pick favorites. When a baby is sitting, but not quite crawling yet, it is a great time to have a portrait session. Usually this is around 6-10 months old. Their personalities are starting to really come through, they are curious, happy, and so so so stinkin’ cute!! I love everything about these sessions.

The photographs below are from a recent sitting session I had with one of our Nostalgia Collective members. This beautiful little girl’s newborn session were some of my most recent favorite newborn images so I was very excited to be coming back to photograph her again. When she came down stairs after waking up from her nap I was instantly struck by her gorgeous eyes.


When I photograph a family I’m always considering what the grown up version of these little ones will want pictures of. Images of them with their parent’s loving arms wrapped around them with nothing but joy and happiness in their eyes is something I know they will treasure. These natural type of family portraits are at the center of my focus during a session.

adorable-mother-and-daughter-photography  best-charlotte-photographerOther than being unbearably adorable, kids at this age are also just plain funny. They do the funniest things. One of which is make goofy faces!  I can just hear this little girl’s parents one day telling and retelling her about this one:

charlotte-photographerOh and family cuddles – savor them while you can they are probably the most fleeting.


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