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Roots & Leaves

When another photographer reaches out to you to have you photograph their family it is equal parts flattering and nerve wracking. I find this even truer when they want you to photograph their newborn baby. It’s almost like you’re being “shopped” by the corporate office, or your a restaurant and a food critic just sat Read More

A morning on the course, a one year old boy’s portraits

A roar of barking erupted behind the door. Then the sound of a brief wrestling match as the dogs were contained in another room so that I could be allowed in without being doused in slobber from two very excited big black labs. I have  German Shepherd mixes myself so I’m quite use to (and Read More

Charlotte, North Carolina

Oh my, I just loved capturing this baby girl’s photos! The cheeks, the chubby arms, sweet little hands…love! She playing with a necklace here that dad bought mom with this adorable girl’s initials and birthstone