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Photography Summer Camp for Teens | Asheville NC

2018 Photography Summer Camp for Teens In the last few months I have been asked quite a bit if I teach photography to teens. In fact my own 16 year old actually expressed an interest in me teaching him photography….me….his own mom! (Needless to say I was THRILLED!!!) I love teaching. Little known fact: when Read More

New Photography Studio | River Arts District Asheville NC

Some one pinch me! After being in business for well over 10 years I am happy  over-the-freakin-moon excited to announce that I have a proper studio!!!!!!!!!! It is gorgeous – I’m talking the studio of my dreams. The only way I could have a better space is if I built it myself. I’m on the Read More

Fall – Family portraits Asheville and Charlotte NC

I don’t know if you felt it, but today (despite the 86 degree high) feels like fall. Maybe it’s because school started for my son today and I was packing lunches and sitting in car pool lanes. Or maybe it’s because this morning it was so cool outside that I needed a cardigan. Whatever it was Read More