Outdoor Session Checklist

Outdoor sessions require a bit more preparation as far as what to bring. The following is a suggested checklist for on location portrait sessions. 

 1.  At least one extra outfit. I recommend one dress outfit and one casual option. Consider bringing along a shawl or scarf that can be used as a wrap. This can add variety and texture to your outfit without a full change of clothes. 

2. A bottle of water, and a “Just in Case” snack. 

3. An emergency touch up kit. Even if you booked your hair and makeup appointment professionally, plan to bring a small kit that includes lip color, a hair brush, bobby pins, safety pins, etc. It is always better to be prepared, especially if we are photographing on location. 

4. Comfortable walking shoes. Often on location we need to walk a short distance to where we will actually be photographing. You can always slip on your heels or other shoes of choice when we start taking pictures. 

5. A tote bag that is easy to carry. We are often far away from the car, and a tote bag with all that you will need for the session will save you a trip! 

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