A year in review

The end of 2019 is more than just a the end of another year, or the end of another decade. For me, it marks 10 years that Jody G Photography has been in existence. I’ve had other business names and have been involved in photography for much longer than 10 years. But Jody G Photography was established in 2009.

Ten year is quite a long time. So much growth, so much change, so many memories. I’m signing off for the year to spend dedicated time with my family for the holidays and will return on Monday, January 6th. I won’t be answering phone calls or emails, and I’ll be avoiding social media (mainly to avoid Start Wars spoilers – I don’t see it until the 26th!). But before I go I wanted to leave you with this little slideshow of some (not all there were so many) of my favorite images from 2019. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for entrusting me with your family’s precious memories.

Happy Holidays

~ Jody G.