A morning on the course, a one year old boy’s portraits


A roar of barking erupted behind the door. Then the sound of a brief wrestling match as the dogs were contained in another room so that I could be allowed in without being doused in slobber from two very excited big black labs. I have¬† German Shepherd mixes myself so I’m quite use to (and love) big dogs. Sadly, it was decided these two happy labs weren’t going to accompany us on our family photo shoot today. But I gave them each a good head scratch and let them slobber on my arm for a minute while the family got ready to head out.

This was the second time I was privileged enough to photograph this family. I was here before doing newborn pictures for little L. I was so excited to see him now to take his one year old pictures and see him walking and full of little boy energy! We decided to head over to the Country Club where they were members and loved to spend a lot of their time.

The portrait session went wonderfully even with little L.’s ears bugging him and the unusual heat (this session was in November) The morning on the golf course was absolutely gorgeous as was the sun coming up in the distance. Mom and Dad are so down to earth and so hilarious it was such a great time! This family really loves each other and it was such an honor to photograph them.

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